The Fall Foliage in Houston, Texas

Lost Maples State Park Fall Foliage

The fall foliage in Lost Maples State Park.

The state of Texas has some of the most gorgeous and popular ecotourism locations in the nation. Tourist and residents visit Texas’ vast countryside for the lush wooded forest, rolling plains and numerous outdoor activities. As the summer transitions into fall, Texas also becomes a great location to view pockets of fall foliage. The dazzling autumn colors around Houston, and much of Eastern Texas, is a sight to be seen.

As the fall progresses, deciduous trees around Houston will begin to absorb every last ounce of nutrients from their summer foliage. Vibrant, dazzling colors will be the aftereffect of the trees storing nutrients for the winter. Leaves on hardwood species such as the Sweet gum will shift from green to yellow, red and purple; while Chines Pistache erupt into vibrant shades of red. Dogwood, beech and black gum trees also display some of the boldest colors during the fall.

Houston is lucky because it is situated in one of the best locations in Texas to view the fall foliage. Numerous state parks and hiking trails around Houston give residents access to many wooded areas where they can spot trees bursting into various colors. The best time of year to catch the fall foliage will be at the end of October and the first two weeks of November.

The fall foliage in Texas might not be as well-known as New England, but it is a sight that should not be missed. Take advantage of these cooler days by visiting one of your local parks, or taking a hike, to view the lovely fall scenery around Houston.

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